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Book Beginnings

Today I am bringing you a very special edition of Book Beginnings.  Hop on over to Rose City Reader when you are done here and check out other bloggers’ current reads.

Today’s book is called “Once Again” and it was written by Amy Durham, a lady from my hometown that I have known since high school which is more years that I really want to think about.

Okay, I had to admit that Maine in July was spectacular. 

Spotless white clouds dotted a sky of perfect aqua blue.  Bright green leaves hung heavy in the trees.  Together with the rich landscaping of the town, nature had created a lovely and charming little place.

This is a young adult novel and I am not usually a huge fan of YA fiction, but I really enjoyed Amy’s story and characters.  She has a follow up called “Once and For All” that continues the series.  I hope you check out her work!

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Welcome to today’s edition of Book Beginnings hosted by Rose City Reader.  Today I am presenting the first lines from “The Templar Legacy” by Steve Berry:



Jacque de Molay sought death, but knew salvation would never be offered.  He was the twenty-second master of the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon, a religious order that had existed under God’s charge for two hundred years."

I really enjoy historical fiction and this book weaves history with a story set in the present as well.  It is full of adventure and foreign locations so I kept Google handy while I read this story so I could see the locations for myself.  It helps me set the scene in my mind.  I am excited to read the rest of the series!

When I started reading this book, the characters seemed very familiar and then I realized that I had a read one of Mr. Berry’s books in this series already.  “The Templar Legacy” is the first so I will have to re-read the other in order to continue the story.

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Welcome to a very special edition of Book Beginnings hosted by Rose City Reader or at least it is, in my opinion.  I am a huge fan (along with millions of others) of Dan Brown, the author of “The Da Vinci Code” and “Angels & Demons” so when he has a new book released, I jump on it as fast as it is available as my local library.  I’m cheap, I know.  I could just buy it on my iPad and read it as soon as it comes out, but I don’t.  I usually just wait to see if my library gets it and if they don’t, I use books as gift ideas for holidays.  Told you I was cheap!

Anyway, I digress…my book today is “Inferno" by Dan Brown and it is awesome!  The imagery is wonderful as always and Robert Langdon remains one of my favorite literary characters.  I try to keep my phone or tablet handy while I am reading Mr. Brown’s books so I can look up the locations or art he is describing.  Love it!

“I am the Shade.

Through the dolent city, I flee.

Through the eternal woe, I take flight.

Along the banks of the river Arno, I scramble, breathless…turning left onto Via dei Castellani, making my northward, huddling in the shadows of the Uffizi.”

What a beginning and the action just keeps rolling from here!

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Who loves to read?  I DO!!!!  A lot of other people do, too, so please join me and other readers over at Rose City Reader for Book Beginnings.  There is always a variety of different book genres listed for your enjoyment.

Before I get to my book for today, I am proud to announce the winners of last week’s book giveaway.  They are Greg at Book Haven and Aloi at Guiltless Reader.  Yay for them!  They now will received copies of “Cleans Up Nicely” to read and review on their blog.

My book today is “Drums of Autumn” which is the next installment of the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. 

“I’ve never been afraid of ghosts. I live with them daily, after all.  When I look in a mirror, my mother’s eyes look back at me; my mouth curls with the smile that lured my great-grandfather to the fate that was me.”

This series is one of my all-time favorites and I can’t wait for the next one to come out.  There is always some new adventure and intrigue happening to Jamie and Claire or some threat to their happiness.  Will they survive and live to love another day?  Of course they will!

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Welcome to a special edition (at least for me) of Book Beginnings hosted by Rose City Reader. A couple of weeks ago, I won a copy of “Cleans Up Nicely” by Linda Dahl to review and I also got the opportunity to give away two other copies for review.  So listen up, my dear readers especially my fellow Book Beginnings peeps: if you have the opportunity to read and publicly review this book, leave a comment below by next Tuesday at 6:00pm Central Daylight Time and I will announce the winners next Thursday.

Here are the first lines:

“Her destination, that summer of 1977, is a luxury apartment building, upper Fifth Avenue, a slice of New York life completely alien to her.”

Even though this a pretty descriptive first line, it leaves many things unanswered.  Don’t worry though, questions are answered and much more. This book tells the story of a “starving artist”, sometimes figuratively and sometimes literally, trying to make it in New York City during the 1970s.  I enjoyed the story and the characters, but I wonder, if this fiction is even close to the reality of the time, how these people survived.  I am surprised they all didn’t die from liver failure as much partying as they did. 

If you are looking for a book that has interesting characters and a story that flows along quite entertainingly, give this book a try. 

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Don’t look now, but my book today is the next one in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon called “Voyager”.  Please join me over at Book Beginnings hosted by Rose City Reader for this book and many others.  Here are the first lines:

“He was dead.  However, his nose throbbed painfully, which he thought odd in the circumstances.”

These lines won Ms. Gabaldon an award for the best opening lines and I can see why.  Her writing is so descriptive and her books are so chocked full of facts woven in with the fiction that sometimes it makes you wonder which parts were based on real events and which ones weren’t.  These books are addicting…once you start on Claire and Jamie’s adventure, you can’t stop until you have seen what happens next.

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It’s Friday, folks, so it is time for Book Beginnings hosted by Rose City Reader.  Grab a book, give us the first line or two, and then give us your opinion.  My book today was a free Kindle download called “Second Sight Dating” by Marianne Stephens:

“ ‘I want him, not that other one you just showed me.  Look at this guy,’ Miss “K” rattled on with a pout, a blue-polished fingernail pointing at a picture of Mr. “Thirty-six”.

I am not a big reader of plain old romance novels, so this was just ok for me but I am glad it was free.  No offense to the author, but it really just wasn’t my cup of tea.  The story idea was cute and the book was entertaining enough, but after reading part of the Outlander series, this was a little too simplistic.

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Way back in March, C & I attended the first Kentucky Green Living Fair and as a member of the Kentucky Food Bloggers Association, I received a wonderful gift bag.  Included in that bag is my Book Beginnings selection for today: a signed copy of “the pantry” by Catherine Seiberling Pond, a fellow Kentuckian. Here is the first line:

“Early American pantries were an outgrowth of food storage use in attics, cellars, and butteries (small rooms pronounced butt’ries).”

This book details the history and modern use of pantries in the home for food storage or just kitchen storage in general.  The photography is beautiful and the information is very interesting to me and I think would be to all food and cooking lovers. 

Please join me today at Rose City Reader for Book Beginnings.

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Welcome back!  Join me over at Rose City Reader for Book Beginnings and you just might find a new book to add to your “to-be-read” pile.  Today I am sharing the first lines from the second book in the Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon called “Dragonfly In Amber”:

“Roger Wakefield stood in the center of the room, feeling surrounded.”

Hmmm, was Roger really surrounded and, if so, by what or who?  The Outlander series is one of my absolute favorites and I am actually re-reading it now before the newest book comes out at the end of the year.  Ms. Gabaldon weaves a story like no other that I have ever read and “Dragonfly In Amber” is full of historical facts that bear looking up for more information.  So much was happening in Scotland around the time that is portrayed in this book and it is so sad that so much destruction had to happen to such a beautiful place.

These are long and detailed books, but they are worth the effort it takes!

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Thanks for joining me today for my edition of Book Beginnings hosted by Rose City Reader.  If you are a book lover like me, hopefully you will find several interesting reads from the list of blogs linking up there.

Today, my first line comes from “The Lost Art of Mixing” by Erica Bauermeister.  When I read this, it was a new selection at my local library and the title was about cooking, I just had to try it.  Cooking is a main theme through the book, but it is mostly about relationships between different people and how they all connect together.  Here is the first line:

“Lillian stood at the restaurant kitchen counter, considering the empty expanse in front of her.”

In my opinion as someone who loves to cook, this scenario could be really good or really bad.  Does Lillian have a beautiful clean space with which to work or does she see a space empty of ideas or feelings?  You will just have to read the book to find out!

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