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Before And After

C & I moved into our newly-built home three and a half years ago and we have been slowly finishing things since then.  The front yard has been a work in progress since that time, and this summer has seen the culmination of many ideas.  We are not completely finished yet, but we are VERY close!

Back in the early spring, additional shrubs and roses were bought and planted.  Throughout the summer, we added edging, lights and landscape rock.  Ta Da!  It has been a lot of work, but we think it has turned out great!

Here are a couple of before shots:

DSC05155 DSC05149


DSC05779 DSC05776

More during…



 DSC09424 DSC09439

A few late nights…


And finally, success!

DSC01578  DSC01574 DSC01564

Now we can sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labor! (Or sit back and figure out what our next project will be.)

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