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Bookworm Alert #2

I love to read!  I almost always have a book that I am reading, although I am not like some bookworms that I know that have 2 or 3 going at one time.  I have to concentrate on just one. 

I finished a book Sunday that was very good and interesting.  It is The Postmistress by Sarah Blake and I highly recommend it.  I was in our local town library looking for something new to read when the cover of this book caught my eye.  I guess it is the old letters and dried flower on the front that really did it. 

It is set during World War II right before the United States joined the fight.  There are 3 female main characters who are very different from each other, but their lives eventually come together in a small New England town close to Cape Cod.  One is a young woman married to the local doctor, one is a middle-age single postmistress in this small town, and the third is a young reporter covering the war in Europe for radio. 

If you enjoy strong emotional writing and interesting story lines, I think you would enjoy this book.  I know I learned a few things about World War II that I had not heard much about before such as the female radio reporters of the time.

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