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Deck The Halls

As I mentioned on here last week, we had a chili/soup/game night at our house last night for 14 people including C & myself and it turned into a really fun night!!

I wanted to finish decorating for Christmas before the party and it was mission accomplished on Friday afternoon.  Friday night was spent baking my two desserts which will be featured on here in the near future.  That left the cleaning and soup making for Saturday.  Even with both of us working, it still took all day to finish everything, but I am a little bit of a neat freak so I usually go overboard on the cleaning.

We have a lighted wreath hanging on our front door and the extension cord runs inside the house for power.  I needed to hide the cord and outlet since it is right inside the front door so I put a few baskets that I had already to use.  I stacked the 3 baskets in front of the outlet and it looked like this…


Not bad, but it was missing something.  When I walked Ellie that morning, I took my garden clippers and a bag to collect some greenery and berries.  I also raided my in-law’s yard for some pinecones and holly branches.  I started the arrangement with cedar and pine branches…


Then I filled in with the holly, pine cones and berries.


I thought it made a nice addition to the entry for absolutely no cost since I already had the baskets!


Here are the other interior decorations.  The dining room…


The staircase…


The kitchen…



The living room…


The office…


And, last but not least, the stair landing…


Now that the decorating is finished, I MUST start Christmas shopping!!

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