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Menu Plan Monday

It is Monday again, and it is definitely starting to feel and look like Christmas around here.  South Central Kentucky is having cold temperatures and snow flurries flying through the air.  It makes walking an energetic dog an adventure early in the morning, but Ellie loves the cold air and would keep us outside all the time if she could. 

The cold air also makes me want comfort food!  C and I have both lost several pounds this year by cutting back on junk food and exercising more, but this time of year makes me want to eat, eat eat!  There are just so many great looking recipes that I would love to try, but I am trying to keep our regular meals fairly healthy so we can enjoy a treat every now and then.  Here is what I have planned for this week:


Grilled pork chops and roasted potatoes

Hamburger stew

Taco salads

Cheesy steak sandwiches with oven baked fries

Pizza night

Coconut cream yummy cake (new recipe)

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