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Happy Valentine’s Day

C & I wish everyone a very wonderful Valentine’s Day!  What, you say, no menu plan this week?  That’s right, folks, I am taking a week off since last week’s was a disaster.  How? 

Well, Monday afternoon, about two inches of snow fell in our area.  C & I were heading home together after work and about 4 miles from home, we had to stop and put the vehicle in four wheel drive.  We had no problems at all for another couple of miles and then IT happened!  I am not sure exactly what IT was, but our vehicle started sliding off the road, went down a ten foot embankment and we hit a tree…HARD.  VERY HARD!!  Hard enough that the vehicle bounced back about three feet and hit another tree in the back.  The tow truck driver said it looked like the vehicle was parallel parked in between them.

Thankfully, C & I only sustained minor injuries, mainly scratches and bruises, but we were so sore.  Actually, we are still sore, but it is slowly getting better.  Not much cooking was done last week, and probably not this week either.  I hope to get back on track next week if I feel like it.

Here is hoping that you, my fearless reader, have an awesome week!

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