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Menu Plan Monday

Today is May 9th and the weather is finally turning spring-like here in South central Kentucky and not a moment too soon!  As most of you know, there was a little horse race held in Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday.  You might have heard of it…the Kentucky Derby?  I thought so.  C & I watched a little of the pre-race coverage and the race itself on television and I loved seeing all of the gorgeous hats that the ladies were wearing.  There was one that was at least four feet across, but it was beautiful!

This week’s menu is a little short since it is grocery week. Groan!  I think C & I will try to make the best of it though.  We might even eat out and take in a movie before we hit the aisles. 

Grilled hamburgers with oven baked fries & Cole slaw

Taco ring (makes enough for 2 nights)

Pizza night

Local steak/seafood restaurant

Grocery night out

Slow cooker French dip sandwiches (new) with butter roasted potatoes

7-Up cake (new) & Sunshine salad (I didn’t make this last week since the brownies were so rich and decadent by themselves.)

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