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Thoughtful Thursday

For this edition of Thoughtless Thursday, I am going to write about something that is near and dear to my heart…COOKING!  Specifically, these are my very favorite cooking utensils.  I use these things the most when I am in the kitchen and I want you to know about them.  Here is a little disclaimer first: These companies have no idea who I am and are not paying me a cent for my opinion.  This is just that…my opinion.  Ok, let’s get started!

This machine has been my very best investment in the kitchen, and, when I say investment, I mean it.  Kitchenaid mixers are not cheap, but they are the workhorses in the cooking world.  I bought mine at least 16 years ago if not longer with tax return money, and I have never regretted the decision.  I think this thing could mix concrete if you needed it to.  I have basic white, but there are so many pretty colors to choose from.  If this one ever gives out on me (heaven forbid), I think I will pick a bright color next time because I will definitely get another.

Next on my list are Oxo spatulas.  I don’t know how Oxo does it, but these spatulas are perfectly weighted to make stirring so much easier.  The handles are also ergonomically correct so they are gentle on your hands and wrists.  I have three and they always seem to be dirty!


I bake a lot and I also travel with food quite a bit, so another of my must-haves are covered glass baking dishes.  The brand is not so important here, but I love having different shapes and sizes to choose from.  These are not only good for baking, but for serving, transporting, and storing food as well.


For stirring up light batters or small tasks like melting butter, I always reach for a glass mixing bowl.  I have metal ones that I use occasionally, but I have always preferred glass.  Again, this is one place where brand is not too important.  I have Pyrex and Anchor Hocking and I like both brands just fine.  Remember to try to get tempered glass though so there is less change of breakage.


Last, but certainly not least, are knives.  These paring knives from Rada are my first line of cutting power.  I have a Henckels block set that I use when I need bigger knives, such as a chef’s or bread knife, but these are perfect for everyday use.  From slicing strawberries to cutting potatoes to wedging apples, these little beauties can to it all and more! Even better, they are only $4.90 each!!!


These are my favorites and I would love to hear what your favorites are.  Maybe I can find my new favorite from yours!

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