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Menu Plan Monday

Another week has gone by and it is time for another meal list.  This week’s menu is a little short because we have a couple of “errand” evenings this week so we will probably eat out then.  I have to go to the grocery one night and it is going to be a doozy of a trip.  We are out of just about everything household AND food-wise!

One other evening we have to go pick up a tow-behind lift that C is going to use to pressure wash the end of our house.  The north side of our house is also the side with a walk-out basement so we have two and a half stories of vinyl siding that faces north and gets covered in mildew since it doesn’t get enough sun to kill it.  I would not even want to see a ladder tall enough to reach the top so we are renting a powered lift to get up there.  C is excited since he loves to try new gadgets.  I will make sure and get pics for everyone to see.  Hee hee!

Please forgive me for a short list this week.  Next week should be back to normal.  Have a great end of September everyone!!!

Chili (making a double batch for leftovers and other recipes to come)

Grilled hamburgers and oven fries

Pizza night

Basic Meatloaf

Coca-Cola Cake

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