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Book Beginnings

The other day, I went to my local library to check out the first Harry Potter book.  I must be one of the few readers on the planet that hasn’t read these books, so I decided to give them a try.  The movies were good, so hopefully the books would be even better.  Before I got the book, I was browsing the shelves when a lady I know suggested another series of books.  Before I knew it, I was leaving the library with all five books of this other series.  I like to read, but I can’t read that many before my check-out time runs out.  I didn’t want to hurt the lady’s feelings, so I just decided to go with it and take the books back later to get the Harry Potter book that I really wanted.

I am reading the first book in the series though and it is pretty good.  The author lives in my home state of Kentucky and I will probably read the others, just not immediately.  This book is simply called “Folly” and it is set in Folly Beach, South Carolina.  The author is Bill Noel who is a college administrator and professional photograph.  Here is the first paragraph:

“I met Jim Lionetti on a chilly, early April morning and learned to hate him.  It wasn’t his fault-he was dead.  I was standing on a desolate, rough stretch of sand on the east end of Folly Beach, South Carolina, looking down at him.”

As you can tell, this is a light-hearted murder mystery, if that’s possible.  I am about 59 pages in and the book is pretty good.  There are plenty of interesting characters to give you the local flavor of Folly Beach and the descriptions of the locales are detailed as well.  I am hooked enough to finish to find out what really happened to Mr. Lionetti, so that says a lot in of itself.

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