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June fourteenth is a very special day for C & I because it is our wedding anniversary.  This year was our 11th year of marital harmony (most of the time), so we decided to take a mini-vacation to celebrate.  We knew we wanted to go see an Imax movie and, at first, thought about Nashville since it is only a couple of hours from us, but then I found out there is an Imax theater in Newport, Kentucky along with an aquarium and other fun things.

All of these attractions are located in one complex called Newport On The Levee and it was well worth the three hour drive (each way) for us.  The location was a cinch to find off of I-75 because, when you reach the Newport area, there are signs telling you what exit to take for the Newport Aquarium and then other signs on the city streets that take you right to it.  We were there on Thursday so the parking at Newport Intermediate School was only $2 for the whole day.  What a bargain!  Our original plan was to visit the aquarium and ride the Duck on Thursday, then see the Imax matinee on Friday.  Since everything was right there together, we were able to do all three things on Thursday. 

Today’s photos will be of the aquarium.  This is the third big aquarium we have been to and it was just as good as Gatlinburg’s and better than the one at Virginia Beach.  We also were able to buy a combo ticket for the aquarium and Duck tour that gave us a pretty good discount.  I have mentioned that Duck tour twice now, haven’t I?  Wonder what that is?  Hmmm?



Pretty fish!


Ms. Octopus was not happy!  One of the other visitors took a photo using a flash (against the rules) and the octopus went crazy in her tank.



Mighty Mike the alligator.  He blinked and the aquarium guide said that was the most movement he had made all day.



A pretty Lorikeet


The jellyfish are always one of my favorite marine animals to watch.  It is so relaxing to watch them swim around.



C was keeping a close eye on that shark.  Can’t you just hear the Jaws theme song in your head?



This isn’t all…come back for the next edition for our incredibly fun and entertaining Duck ride!

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