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Welcome to another special edition of Book Beginnings where I give you the first line or two of a book and my opinion about it.  Rose City Reader is our gracious host so please hop on over to her blog to check out her selection and others as well.

Back in the summer, I had the opportunity to read and review “even if I am.” because of a giveaway hosted by Rose City.  After that, I was in contact with the author’s publicist and she asked if I would like to read and review a new mystery she was promoting.  I jumped at the chance and she sent “Public Trust” by JM Mitchell my way.  Here is the first line:

“ “Please, promise me they won’t let it burn,” the woman said.”

What’s burning?  Well, you will just have to read the book to find out.  Overall, this was an enjoyable read, but it did start out a little slow for me.  Once I got past the first 75 pages or so, the story picked up speed and made me want to find out what happened at the end.  There were a few little hiccups for me: the author is well acquainted with National Parks and their inner workings so some of the terminology was a little lost on me and there is part of the story that is missing.  The author keeps alluding to Jack’s backstory in Montana but never tells us what it is.  I want to know!

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