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Book Beginnings

Today I am bringing you a very special edition of Book Beginnings.  Hop on over to Rose City Reader when you are done here and check out other bloggers’ current reads.

Today’s book is called “Once Again” and it was written by Amy Durham, a lady from my hometown that I have known since high school which is more years that I really want to think about.

Okay, I had to admit that Maine in July was spectacular. 

Spotless white clouds dotted a sky of perfect aqua blue.  Bright green leaves hung heavy in the trees.  Together with the rich landscaping of the town, nature had created a lovely and charming little place.

This is a young adult novel and I am not usually a huge fan of YA fiction, but I really enjoyed Amy’s story and characters.  She has a follow up called “Once and For All” that continues the series.  I hope you check out her work!

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