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While I was browsing Pinterest one winter evening, I found this gardening pin and knew it was something we had to try.  The topsy-turvy pots are just so whimsical and cute and…well, you get the picture.  C really loves to build things and put things together so I showed him the inspiration and we got to work. 

It turned out to be pretty simple and just required a five foot metal rod purchased from Lowe’s, 5 clay pots, gravel, potting soil and flowers.  I am not sure what size rod we bought, but it was small enough to fit through the flower pots’ drainage holes but big enough to be sturdy.  C drove pushed the rod into the ground as far as he could and still have enough to hold all of the pots.


Then thread the largest of your pots onto the rod.  Line the bottom with gravel , tilt the pot to one side, and fill with potting soil  Next year, we will probably get a bigger pot for the bottom so it will offer more support.


Continue to do the same with the rest of your clay pots.  When you get to the top one, push the road down into the dirt so it doesn’t show after the pots are planted.

I used Pretty Much Picasso Supertunia petunias in mine and I love the contrasting colors of the blooms.



This turned out so great and C already has engineering ideas on how to make it even better next year.  Happy gardening!

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