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For this Thoughtful Thursday post, I would like to take you on a virtual Christmas home tour.  I love to put up Christmas decorations so C & I decided to try some new things this year.  Let’s start with the outside décor…

I have used a plain green, lighted wreath and small trees for the front door for a few years, but this year I decided to add some decorations to the wreath/trees combo and also add a lighted garland.  I love the way it turned out!  C & I decided we need to beef up the garland a little next year, but it is a great start.


We also added LED net lights to the shrubs by the front porch.




This is on the opposite end of the house and we love this little vignette.  When the tree gets bigger, we plan to put the packages around it but it is just a little too small for it right now.


When you come through the front door, this is the first view:

I love using the stacked baskets with fresh greenery to hide extension cords.


Here is the dining room:


My dad found these place mats and napkins while he was packing.  I remember cross-stitching those napkins myself about 20 years ago.


I love the way the tree looks at night.


My mom’s nativity scene is also in the dining room.


On to the kitchen, where I finally gave in to the burlap/chevron craze.  I have had the tree for a few years and have used cookie cutters on it the whole time, but this was the perfect place to add the trendy burlap and chevron. 



The centerpiece on our breakfast table is a simple trifle dish filled with fresh greenery and glass “food” ornaments.


The “big” tree is in the living room and it is full of our special ornaments.  Some of these we have had since we were children, some are collectible and some we have bought on trips and special occasions.  We can’t forget to hang our stockings too!  We even have one for Ellie.


I don’t do much in our master bed and bath, but I did decorate our guest bathroom this year with a few little touches. My mom had a few Santa items, including the cross stitched Santa that I made back in 1992, that she loved so I incorporated them all together in this room and they fit perfectly.  I added the little tree and canister this year. 





I have an announcement to make…the upstairs is finally finished!!!  Can I get a woo-hoo!?!?!?  My refinished yard sale hutch is in the hallway and all of the bedrooms have furniture as well.  There are not a lot of Christmas decorations, but I did put a little in the hallway.  The small tree has collectible miniature ornaments and I filled the basket with fresh cut greenery.  The hutch has some of my mom’s gardening books along with a few of my favorite cookbooks.




I hope you have enjoyed the virtual Christmas home tour!

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C & I built our house about 6 years ago and it has a basement and two floors.  We knew we weren’t going to finish the basement as we were building, but had (and still have) grand plans for it in the near future.  The first floor is finished, but I hesitate to say that because there are always little things that I would like to do to it, but this is the space we live in everyday.

The upstairs is in between these two levels.  It is “finished”, but not completely furnished and decorated yet.  That is slowly changing though.  Late last summer, I got a burst of creativity and decided it was time to paint.  Builder’s beige, be gone!  One bedroom is now Lettuce green, the other is Mythical purple (my fave), and the bathroom is Cucumber green all by Sherwin-Williams Duration Home.  We left the hall Aesthetic white which was the original color because is goes down into the foyer which is also that color.


4Green Bedroom After

3Purple Bedroom3

I got busy last fall and during the holiday season, so I didn’t get much done during that time.  Ok, I got nothing done during that time.  Winter was going to be my work time, but a little car accident got in the way of that, too.  Well, enough is enough.  It is time for this to be complete so we can start on the basement.  I had a look in my head that I wanted for the bedrooms, especially the purple one.  It all starts with a silver metal bed, but they are sooo expensive.  The good Lord was looking out for me because my wonderful MIL, J, said that I could have the metal bed she used as a child and paint it any color I wanted.  Oh. My. Goodness. 

So that’s where this how-to post begins.  Here is the bed before I did anything to it:

1Metal Bedframe Before

2Metal Bedframe Before

5Metal Bedframe Before

I sanded it and then scrubbed it down with dishwashing liquid and warm water.  Next, I sprayed 2 coats of metal primer on it and let it dry thoroughly.  Then I got to the fun part: Krylon Brushed Metallic Satin Nickel spray paint.  It turned out just like I wanted it to!

6Metal Bedframe After

7Metal Bedframe After

8Metal Bedframe After

Next stop: more furniture!

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