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Welcome to today’s edition of Book Beginnings, a wonderful link party hosted by Rose City Reader.  Join me and other avid readers as we give you the first line (or two) of a book we are reading and then tell you our thoughts about it.

My book today is “Beyond The Blonde” by Kathleen Flynn-Hui:

"I would have to say that it all began-or, rather, it all began to end-the morning Faith Honeycomb passed out on the floor of the Salon Jean-Luc."

Hmmm, this just makes you wonder what’s ending and why, doesn’t it?  This is a funny and entertaining book about life in a big-time fancy New York City hair salon and the people who work there.  I may not look it all the time, but I love fashion.  Clothes, make-up, hair…I used to always buy the big Spring and Fall issues of Vogue magazine to see all of the latest styles.  I think enjoying those things made this book even better.

This book has turned out to be a great, fun read. If you are looking for a good vacation book, try this one!

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