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Let me warn you right now that this is going to be a long and photo heavy post, but it is full of awesome Kentucky made products so it is so worth reading until the end. Last Saturday, C & I travelled to Lexington, Kentucky for the 5th annual Kentucky Proud Incredible Food Show.  This is the first time that we have gotten to attend, but hopefully it will not be the last.  I really had no idea that so many food products were produced right here in the Commonwealth and we couldn’t taste test and buy every one of them, but I wanted to let you know about a few of our favorites.




We started out the day by watching a demonstration by the headliners of the show, Jamie and Bobby Deen.  They were so funny and entertaining and the time flew right by while we were watching them.  Jamie was throwing candy out to the audience during the show while they were cooking. 




The Marketplace was almost overwhelming. There were so many booths and so many people that I really had to focus in and get my bearings to navigate.  C & I looked at most of the booths and tried a few samples. 






There were some beautiful handmade wooden kitchen items for sale as well.



Of course, with my sweet tooth, I was loving the bakery and candy store displays! The first photo is the Midway College Bakery booth.






Can you believe all of this is produced right here in little ol’ Kentucky?  It really took my breath away and these photos don’t show half of what was there.  Now, let’s get to the goodies we actually got to try and purchase.  Yum! 

One of the first items we tried was flavored popcorn from A-maize-ing Caramel Corn, which is produced in Georgetown, Kentucky. We tried (and bought) the caramel and cheddar versions and they were so good!

Macarons have been the hot sweet in the blogging world for a little while now, but I haven’t taken the time to try them because they are hard to make.  Actually, I had never gotten the chance to even taste one until Saturday. 

La Petite Sucre out of Winchester, KY, had the prettiest display of macarons in many flavors for sale.  I decided to try a salted caramel one and it was tasty, but it was not what I expected at all.  The cookie part is very crunchy and it has a delicious creamy filling.  My first macaron experience was a positive one, but I probably won’t be trying them at home any time soon.


Another Kentucky product that I have heard a lot about but had never tried was beer cheese.  The first beer cheese booth we came to was Larry Mac’s Beer Cheese.  C & I both tried a little on a cracker and thought the same thing: YUM!  Needless to say, a little package of that came home with us.  Larry Mac’s booth was really cute as well.  Loved the pepper lights!


Speaking of peppers (how’d you like that segue way), we also found some tasty salsa as well.  Me Salsa is based in Louisville, Kentucky and is made with a special kind of pepper.  They are in the running for a small business grant, so please click over to their Facebook page and give them a like. On the same condiment note, we also purchased a bottle of homemade ketchup called Grandma Carolyn’s Ketchup which is also made in Georgetown.  I can’t wait to try this in a meatloaf or just on a big ol’ juicy hamburger.

 Blue Bell Creameries was giving away a full scoop of their ice cream so, of course, we had to partake of that as well.  C & I both got Dutch Chocolate and it was so creamy and tasty. 


Last, but definitely not least in my book, was Cellar Door Chocolates.  Oh my goodness!!!!  It would be worth the trip to downtown Louisville just to go to their store and get more chocolate.  Mercy!  I bought the Brown Sugar Pecan Bark and the Sea Salt Almond Bark and it was almost gone by Sunday afternoon.  It is divine!


So, this was my haul for the day.  I could have bought so much more and just had to control myself not to over do it.  I may not be able to wait until next year for some of these products.  Hmmm, I wonder if they ship?


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Fall is my second favorite time of the year (after spring) and I especially love to visit orchards to get fresh picked apples to munch on.  Every year, I like to try to go to a different one and this year it was local. 

My aunt, grandmother and I visited Hinton’s Orchard in Larue County, Kentucky a short time ago and I highly recommend it. 


Just look at the loaded apple trees that you pass by driving to their store:



Not only that, but they have pumpkins and gourds for sale:



When you go in the store, you are bombarded with such good smells…apples, apple cider, baked goods, jams and jellies just to name a few.  They even offer locally grown and processed meats which I love. 




Hinton’s also has several attractions to keep the little ones entertained as well.  You can take a trip out to their pumpkin patch, walk through their corn maze or take a hayride.  It is all so much fun and I highly recommend stopping by!



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One day, while watching a Lexington, Kentucky news broadcast, I saw a commercial that really caught my eye.  It was for Springhouse Gardens which, come to find out, was a nursery in Nicholasville, a nearby town to Lexington. 

I mentioned seeing this ad to my aunt and Nanny so we decided to take a little road trip to visit and it was well worth it!  Nicholasville is about 2 hours from where we live so we started out early one morning just a couple of weeks ago.  It is so worth it to take the scenic route up Highway 68 through Lebanon, Perryville and Harrodsburg.  The view up the Kentucky River when you cross is breathtaking!  I wish there was a place to stop for photos at that location, but there really isn’t.  The huge limestone walls and forests along the banks of the flowing river is absolutely beautiful!

We arrived at the nursery after passing some manicured horse farms and we weren’t disappointed.  Since they are located in a more upscale area, the prices reflected that a bit, but they weren’t too bad.  I bought an “American Hero “ hosta and Nanny purchased something I had never seen before…a non-vining Clematis which will make a shrub instead. 

If you are looking for some specimen trees or shrubs to add to your landscape, then I highly recommend going to Springhouse Gardens.  They had things I had never seen before, including a weeping redwood that was out of this world.  I didn’t even know you could grow redwoods in Kentucky.

Would you like to see a few photographs from that day?  I thought so…I’ll be quiet now and just let you bask in the beauty of Springhouse Gardens.  Oh, one last thing…the owners were there that day and they are just delightful.  Let them know if you are from out of town and they will have you sign a guestbook.





Yes, we are in horse country.







Beautiful Japanese Maple trees:


I loved the tree they trimmed to look like a flower:



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Back in March, when C & I went to the Kentucky Green Living Fair, I planned a couple of extra stops while we were in the area.  We don’t go that direction very often so I wanted to make the most of my trip.

Our first after-the-fair stop was for lunch at The Bluebird Café in Stanford, Kentucky.  I had heard of this restaurant many times when it was mentioned by other Kentucky Food Bloggers that lived in the area so I definitely had to check it out.  The food and ambience were just as good as advertised!  If we are back in Stanford again, The Bluebird Café will be a definite stop.






C had the Bluebird burger made with locally produced ground beef from Marksbury Farm (more to come on that in a minute) with French fries.


I had the NYC roast beef panini with French fries and it was so good!


Stanford is a beautiful little town that takes advantage of its history and heritage.





Next, we traveled to Lancaster, Kentucky to visit Marksbury Farm which according to their website:

“is a small scale, locally owned, Butchers Shop, Farm Market,
and Processing Facility.

We partner with local farmers who share our
commitment to sustainable, humane,
and natural production methods.

We use traditional and modern methods to
deliver an array of high quality, healthy,
and fresh products.”

It is located in an old farmhouse with a beautiful little courtyard and other old outbuildings left over from days gone by. Make sure and watch your step when you enter.  The porch roof is a little low!  The owner said he had to choose between the step railing and the roof so the railing won.







While there, I purchased a pound of ground beef, a package of pork chops and a package of sausage patties.  The beef is delicious and I can’t wait to try the other products as well.  C & I had a great day of enjoying Kentucky people and products that day.  Can’t wait for another day just like it!

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