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C & I took in the Kentucky State Fair on its last day Sunday before last and had a lot of fun.  The last day is really not the best time to go to see the animals and exhibits, but we had tickets to see comedian Jeff Dunham so that is when we went.  The show was great, but I did miss seeing the animals.

Most of the exhibits were still on display so we walked around for a couple of hours looking at those. I will warn you…this is going to be a photo heavy post. The balloon art was the first thing we saw upon entering and it had a UK/UofL basketball theme.  When we left that night, they were popping all of the balloons.





We headed to the culinary section first and I found all of my entries in the cases.  There was also some gorgeous decorated cakes as well.





We both loved the Angry Birds cupcakes.  The modeling work was spot-on!


There are always beautiful award winning quilts and woodworking on display as well.





Finally…the photography.  This was the winner in the category that I entered which was color nature photography.


Here I am with my entry of a wild Tom turkey in front of an old house in a field.


C found a new toy, but he didn’t get to bring it home.


The midway was still in full swing as we were leaving the Jeff Dunham show so I pulled over to get a few shots of the lit rides.  The lights were so pretty!





C & I had a fun time at the Kentucky State Fair and will hopefully be back next year!

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A few weeks ago, C & I had the opportunity to visit the Yew Dell Botanical Garden in Crestwood, Kentucky and had a wonderful time.  They have a neat history and I invite you to visit their site for the history and a list of the many events they hold there. I won’t take up much room on my post for that because I have many photos to share with you, and, yes, that is a warning!! Caution: extreme amount of photos ahead!

Crestwood is a suburb community of Louisville, KY and the trip from downtown to the garden takes about 30 minutes depending on the amount of traffic.  We turned in and spotted their unique entry gate and sign:


We parked and began looking for the entrance so we could purchase tickets and it is located in this barn.  Looks are deceiving in this instance because there is a nice air-conditioned gift shop in there. 


There was a sculpture exhibition going on at the garden and most of the artwork was for sale, but it was a little pricey for our checkbook.



Yeah, you are reading that correctly.  We made sure not to break anything!  Here comes the photo deluge.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Doesn’t everyone have a castle in their backyard?  I loved this!




Beautiful views from the lookout above:



This space was an edible garden.




The tree lined allees were gorgeous.












You eyes aren’t deceiving you.  That IS a giant ball made of tires.




We really enjoyed our trip to Yew Dell and highly recommend it for any garden lovers out there. 

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C has been a comic book fan for years so we decided to check out a comic convention in our area.  We went to one in Lexington, KY, a couple of months ago and enjoyed it, but it was so crowded that it was almost overwhelming.

Louisville, KY hosted its own Derby City Comicon on June 29th, so we went to check it out.  It didn’t seem to be nearly as big or well attended as the one in Lexington, but it was still fun.  I am not that knowledgeable about the characters that were popular.  I was always an Archie comics fan myself and you just don’t see much of that anymore.  Hmmm, I am getting old!

It was a beautiful day to get out and do something so we were both glad that we took the time to go.  It is fun to people watch and see the different costumes that people come up with.  Here are a few of my favorite from that day:
Girlified Iron Man, Loki & Captain America from The Avengers:


A Steampunk Wonder Woman costume: (I loved this one!  If you are wondering what “steampunk” is…it is a style combination of Victorian and industrial items.  Kinda weird, but way cool!  Go here for more steampunk inspiration.)


A mini Darth Vader:


One of the Mario Brothers:


A mini (& injured) Green Lantern with his Bat Girl mom:


Joker & Harley Quinn from Batman:


The Riddler from Batman:


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A few shots of downtown Louisville’s architecture…










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Last week, C & I traveled to Louisville, Kentucky, for his annual work conference presented by KySTE (Kentucky Society for Technology in Education).  C is the technology coordinator for our local school system and this conference is held to present new ideas for technology in the classroom and schools.  I tag along every year for a mini-vacation that is partially paid for and I always get a lot of good rest and get to eat a lot of great food.

The conference is held at the Galt House Hotel which is in the heart of downtown Louisville right up the street from Fourth Street Live and other big public venues.  I like to pick one new restaurant every year to try out and last year we ate at Bistro 301 and it was so good!  This year I picked Impellizzeri’s which is an Italian restaurant on West Main Street. We had a short walk from our hotel on Fourth Street down past the Actor’s Theater of Louisville and the KFC Yum! Center to get the what is known as “Whiskey Row”.  Let me just say that it is a beautiful urban area that is perfect for walking.  In fact, we parked our car on Tuesday night when we arrived and didn’t move it until Friday at lunch to head home.  Whiskey Row is just a short section of West Main Street that has been refurbished with remodeled apartments and many eateries.  Impellizzeri’s is one such eatery and I picked that one to try.

A lot of the NCAA conference tournaments were going on during that time so all of the televisions in the restaurant were tuned it to those which didn’t bother us a bit.  This is more of a family/social kind of restaurant and the ballgames were good entertainment.  We ordered bread sticks with pizza sauce and garlic butter on the side for dipping and these were out of this world good!!  The breadsticks come swimming in garlic butter while still in the pan and they are fresh made and steaming hot when you get them.  I could have made a meal just with them and a salad, and that’s probably what we should have done.  That would have been the smart and “healthier” thing to do, but no, we also ordered a small pizza with Italian sausage.  We were just a little disappointed in the pizza.  I thought it needed more sauce and the sausage was spicier than the Italian sausage I am used to and not quite as sweet.  The crust was great…thin and crispy on the bottom and just a little chewy around the edges. Yum!

Now, don’t come here if you need to get in and out in a hurry.  They make everything as it is ordered so there will definitely be a wait time, but it is worth it just for the breadsticks.  I could eat a few right now!

I was a bad food blogger though because I forgot to take a camera with me.  Oh, well, just take my word for it and go to Impellizzeri’s and order the breadsticks. With pizza sauce and garlic butter. Then dip the sticks in both of them with each bite.

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