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Well, hello there and welcome to another edition of Book Beginnings.  Today, I am bringing you the first lines from “His Majesty’s Hope” by Susan Elia MacNeal which is the third in the Maggie Hope mystery series.

“Wannsee-Berlin, April 1941

The urn the ashes came in was beautiful-shiny and black, with an enamel swastika on one side.  It was small, so very small, Jens Hartmann thought.  How could is possibly hold the remains of his son?”

I read the first Maggie Hope book on a whim and really liked it so, of course, I had to keep reading.  Ms. Hope is a mathematician turned spy by way of being Winston Churchill’s secretary.  In this book, we learn the reason that Maggie’s bosses wanted her to become part of a secret intelligence group during World War II and there are so many twists and turns to her story. 

Ms. MacNeal weaves a great tale of the fictional spy with historical facts, locations and characters.  I can’t wait to read the next one!

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C & I both love to read and absolutely LOVE checking out eBooks from our local library.  Many books I have read in the last year or two were happy surprises I found while browsing the online selections.  Today’s book is one of those and it is “Mr. Churchill’s Secretary: A Maggie Hope Mystery” by Susan Elia MacNeal.

Here is the first line:

“Half an hour before Diana Snyder died, she tidied up her desk in the typists’ office of the Cabinet War Rooms.”

This book is set in England during the Blitz of World War II and tells the story of an extremely intelligent woman, Maggie Hope,  stuck working as a typist to do her part during the great war.  Needless to say, Ms. Hope finds herself in the middle of a mystery while working as Winston Churchill’s secretary. 

I am a sucker for historical fiction whether it is set in the 1740s, 1840s or 1940s and this was a great book.  This is also a series (Yay for series!) so I plan on reading more of the Maggie Hope books.

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