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Nashville, Tennessee is one of our favorite places to visit for a day or weekend trip.  C & I were having a little cabin fever a couple of weeks ago so we took off for parts south one Saturday.  The original reason for our trip was to go to the Apple Store at the Mall at Green Hills and I tacked on a few other destinations in the same mall.  You got to make your trips count, don’t you know?

We also visited the Green Hills branch of the Nashville Public Library because we such huge NERDS!  There is a very good reason we did that, but that’s for another post.  The library was very pretty inside and out.  They have a pretty fountain at the entrance and a walking path with a statue.




I have to admit we found the statue a little creepy.  It is a little freaky to sit there and have the “old man” staring at you.  Anywho, since we were out to have a little fun, I decided to search for a new restaurant to try in the area and kept coming back to Table 3 which is a French bistro right next to the mall.  What a success! 

The ambience was great and the food was even better.  One of the specials that day was pork chili and I really hesitated because I thought my mind was made up to try the French dip.  I decided to forgo the chili and go with my first instinct.  Of course, C had the cheeseburger and "pommes frites”.  (C’s statement to me: I just want fries with my burger.  My statement to him:  Pommes frites is fancy French for fries.  You’ll be just fine.)

I went with the baby green salad with my sandwich and I was so glad I did.  It was all so tasty.  Enough with all the words.  Here are the pics:

I think C’s look says it all:  Can we just eat already?





After this, we hit the mall and there were so many stores that I wanted to check out.  There are some stores that just don’t exist in Kentucky.  Restoration Hardware was my first stop and the look is amazing, but the prices are ridiculous!!!  One bathroom cabinet (that wasn’t even solid wood) was $2100.00!  Um, no thank you and I promise not to break anything while I am here.  It was neat to see the set-up, but, in my opinion, their wares are way overpriced

C & I finally made it to the Apple Store and it was a madhouse.  The service was prompt and friendly and C’s errand didn’t take long at all.  After the mall experience, I braved the traffic and made it to Anthropologie.  This was another store that I had heard so much about and wanted badly to be impressed.  They do have some neat things and I can see how food bloggers would go crazy over their selection, but, again, the prices were just a little too high to justify my purchasing things there.  They also some kind of weird air freshener or candle burning which didn’t set well with C or my allergies.

We had a great time and I told C that we just experienced how the “other half” live since this is a swanky and well-off area of Nashville.  I mean, I got behind a Maserati in traffic, for Pete’s sake!  I think I’ll keep my Chevy.

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Today’s thoughts are a continuation of the last post about C & my weekend trip to Nashville.  Let’s see…we covered our reason for going (to see the awesome Broadway show, Wicked) and we covered the local restaurant we tried and LOVED, 417 Union.  Today, I wanted to show you some of the local “flavor” of Nash-vegas, the nightlife!

On our way to the show, we drove down Broadway in search of dinner.  We had allowed ourselves 2 hours to eat before showtime, but it wasn’t enough.  I guess I just wasn’t thinking clearly…downtown Nashville + beautiful autumn Saturday night = HUGE CROWDS!  The restaurant we had planned on going to called The Big River Grille had lines down the street and most of the other eateries had the same kind of crowds.  We ended up grabbing a snack at TPAC’s café before the show instead.  It was a giant brownie and a bottle of water.  It was good and I am glad of it since that was our dinner.  The photos below show some of the early evening scenes on Broadway.




When Wicked was over, we made our way back to Broadway heading to our hotel.  It was around 11:00pm and it was a different scene then.  The nightlife crowd was out and about and people were cruising the streets looking for fun or, like us, cruising the streets just to see what we could see!





The next morning we made our way to the Opryland Hotel.  Now, if you have never been there and you are ever in Nashville, it is a must-see!  C & I stayed there on our honeymoon with a garden view room which has a little balcony attached.  It was beautiful.  The hotel suffered major damage last year due to flooding and re-opened last Thanksgiving weekend.  I wanted to go see if there were a lot of changes.  There really wasn’t.  The builders just restored it back to its previous opulence, but most of the gardens still looked the same.  Still beautiful, and still well worth the time to go through them.






We really enjoyed our weekend and can’t wait to go back!

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I mentioned in my Menu Plan Monday post that C & I took a weekend trip to Nashville so I just had to give you all the gory details.  We had a wonderful time in a beautiful city.  Nashville, to me, is one of those places where I just can’t seem to see everything there is to see.  We stayed downtown for the first time and were able to do a little sight-seeing that we hadn’t done before.

Before we get to that, I have to mention the little reason we actually went there for…WICKED: THE MUSICAL!!!  I have the most wonderful husband ever!  I told him he must love me a lot since he doesn’t seem to mind dressing up and going to Broadway musicals with me!  The tickets were a birthday present, also from my wonderful hubby and we had enough hotel rewards points from our summer vacation to get a free night.  Score!! We saw the show at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center which is a fabulous venue.

If you have a chance to see this show, DO NOT HESITATE!!  It was incredible!  I know I am using a lot of exclamation points, but they are well deserved in this case.  The songs, the sets, the characters…there’s just too much detail to describe here. Go see it!  There is one scene where Elphaba (future Wicked Witch of the West) is singing “Defying Gravity” and it looks like she is being lifted up on something but the theater is mostly dark except from her torso up.  When she hits that last long note, all of the stage lights come on and she is hanging there like she is flying.  Awesome, all I can say is, AWESOME!  The actress in this touring company filled the theater with her voice and it literally brought me to tears and there wasn’t anything sad about it.  It was just that good!  By the way, you also need to read the book by Gregory Maguire.  It makes the show that much more enjoyable to know a little more detail.

Anyway, I searched online for a local restaurant to try out while we were there and found 417 Union.  It is located, not surprisingly, at 417 Union Street.  It is a pretty little diner decorated 1940’s style.




They seem to be most know for their breakfast so I ordered the pancake platter with maple vanilla syrup and it did not disappoint.  These pancakes had a delightful crunchy exterior and the fluffiest interior I have ever seen.  So very good!


C had the burger and fries.  He said he thought it was the best burger he had ever had and believe me, that is saying something because C loves his burgers!  It was made out of ground sirloin so that might have something to do with it.  C says that he is going to get me the grinder attachment for my Kitchenaid mixer so I can make them, too.


This is the only new restaurant we had the chance to try, but it was a huge success.  We would definitely go back to 417 Union again.  This is just part of our little trip though.  Check back for the next edition of Thoughtful Thursday where some of the local ambience of Nashville will be featured.

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