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Welcome to Fall, Y’all!  The temperatures sure have cooled off here in Central Kentucky and we had our first real frost possibility last night.  Cooler temperatures always make me want to cook more if that’s possible.  Before we get to what went on around here over the weekend and this week’s menu plan, I have a little weather predicting to do for you.

A co-worker of C’s uses Edmodo which is an online community for educators.  C uses this, too, and follows this particular co-worker on there.  He found this link to a Louisville television station and its report on the Old Farmer’s Almanac folklore of predicting winter weather using a persimmon seed on her feed.  Since we have an abundances of persimmons behind our house, C & I decided to give it a try.  Here is the premise:  slice a persimmon seed in half (not an easy thing to do…watch those fingers) and look at the membrane inside.  If it is shaped like a spoon there will be a lot of snow this winter.  If it is shaped like a knife, the winter will be very cold and windy.  A fork is what you want because it means a nice and mild winter.  Guess which one we got on all 3 seeds we checked?





Yep, they are all spoons!  The one on the top right MIGHT be a fork, but I think it is a spoon.  I am not the biggest fan of winter weather so this really was not what I wanted to see.  In a few months, we will see how accurate those seeds are.

Now back to our regular programming.  Not much cooking went on around here this weekend.  Saturday I spent most of the day with my co-workers shopping on the Roller Coaster Yard Sale.  I found a few bargains like a wooden china cabinet/hutch that is in really good shape and only needs sanding and either staining or painting.  It was a steal at only $60 and will look great in our upstairs hallway.  I also found some random 8×10” photo frames that I am going to paint to use upstairs as well.  I bought 8 frames for a total of $7.50.   The design of the frame was not all that important since I will make them cohesive by painting them the same color, white for the green bedroom and black or silver for the purple one. 

The one thing I did not accomplish last week was grocery shopping.  Oh, well.  We are still in good shape so I think I will postpone that until next week.  One more thing, the honey butter pork loin did not get made in favor of shredded pork bbq made with cherry barbecue sauce I got at Huber’s Orchard & Winery.  That story will be coming soon.

Leftover shredded bbq with oven fries

Grilled hamburgers with oven fries

Sausage bake with fresh fruit

Honey Butter Pork Loin Meatloaf (had a change of taste) with fries

Pizza night

Oreo truffle brownies (ran out of time) (new)

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