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Please join me and other bookish bloggers over at A Few More Pages for today’s edition of Book Beginnings.  I hope you will find your new favorite book among our choices.

Today I am bringing you the first line(s) of Phillipa Gregory’s new book “The Lady of The Rivers”.  I have read almost all of Ms. Gregory’s books and have enjoyed them very much.  She mainly writes about the English monarchy around the time of the War of the Roses and Henry VIII.  I am a sucker for that time period and love to read about it. 

“She sits, this odd trophy of war, as neat as an obedient child, on a small stool in the corner of her cell.”

The surprise here is who they are talking about…Joan of Arc!  Now this is fiction so I am sure the author takes license to spin her story, but it is a good one!  If you like historical fiction, give this book a try. 

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