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Way back in February, I wrote a how-to post about my first deco mesh wreath which was for Valentine’s Day. Since then, I made a spring wreath and a patriotic wreath using the same method.  When it came time for a fall wreath, I wanted something a little different.  Google to the rescue!  I found a link to a tutorial at Mardi Gras Outlet which is where I purchased my mesh.  Here is my finished product:



This new curly version looks so festive and fun that I may have to make a Christmas one now!  You will need…

20” inch wire wreath frame (You can use a Work Wreath that is made specifically for mesh wreaths or a plain wreath frame and florist wire.)

3 rolls of 21” mesh in assorted colors (I used yellow, brown and orange for my fall wreath.)

Florist wire


Wire Cutters

Ribbon or other decorative elements of your choosing


Attach pieces of florist wire to the wreath frame all around it.  I used 15 pieces of wire. 


Next, cut the mesh into pieces about 10 inches wide.  You don’t have to measure, just eyeball it and try to get the pieces about the same size.  This is very forgiving.  I used 15 pieces of each color for a total of 45 curls.


Take 1 curl of each color and gather them together in the middle like this…


Wire the mesh curls to the wreath frame in the middle where you are holding them.


Continue working your way around the frame until you have filled all 15 spots.  Next, I used fall decorative ribbon and cut loops of that to wire onto the frame as well.  I then made a bow from the ribbon and added it to the wreath.  Fluff the curls and arrange them to suit your taste.  That’s all there is to it!


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Almost Wordless Wednesday

I think it’s close enough to Spring for a new front door wreath…

Spring Wreath

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Today I am going to show you how I made the Valentine’s Day wreath that I posted a couple of days ago.  There is always a wreath on our front door during fall and Christmas, but I didn’t have any for the rest of the year.  When I looked at home stores, I found that finished wreaths can be really expensive so I decided to try to make some myself.  Of course, one of the first places I looked for inspiration was Pinterest and there were many ideas to peruse.  It looked like a Deco mesh wreath would be the easiest to start off with so that’s what I did.

All of the supplies I used came from MardiGrasOutlet.com.  They had the cheapest mesh and wreath frames that I could find.  They also stock the “Work Wreath” frames that are made especially for the mesh, but I just bought the plain frames and put florist wire on them to hold the mesh to the frame which I will show below.

Here are the supplies that I started with:

Needle-nosed pliers


Florist Wire

Wreath Frame

White and Metallic Red Deco Mesh


See the short cross-wires on the frame.  I started by putting pieces of the florist wire on all 3 circles of the frames at those locations.


Then I started running the mesh.  Grab the end and bunch it up.  Pick a starting point (I started on the inner most ring) and wire the mesh to the frame.  Work your way around the frame by bunching up some of the mesh then attaching it to the frame at the next florist wire location.  How much you bunch is up to you.  The bigger the bunches the bigger and fuller the wreath.  Since you don’t cut the mesh, this is very forgiving.  I restarted at least twice because I didn’t like the size of my bunches.


I put the red on the inner and outer rings and the white in the middle ring.  I then added a bow made from Valentine’s Day ribbon and ran the remaining ribbon around the wreath.  I also bought some puffed glittery hearts at Hobby Lobby so I hot-glued them to the white mesh and they really stand out against the white.


I was so happy with the results!  My next project is a spring time wreath that is yellow and turquoise with daisies.  This is one of the easiest ways to make a wreath, and I am not a big crafter so if I can do it, anyone can!

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Here’s wishing all of my readers a very happy Valentine’s Day!


I actually made this!!  Come back to visit on Thursday and I will show you how I did it.

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