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Snakes At The Courthouse!

I know, it’s not as catchy as Snakes On A Plane, but I’m not making a movie.  As many of you know, I am a professional court system paper pusher in our little town.  Last year, we had a snake problem. The soffit over the front door of my workplace had a hole in it and a mama snake thought this would be the perfect place to raise her children.  Guess what, they’re bbbaaaaccckkk!!  There were 3 baby snakes sunning on the evergreen by the front porch today.  Oh, joy!  You know I just love snakes…dead ones!  I could have gotten photo evidence of this, but it gave me the creeps to think of taking pictures of snakes, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.


For some better news, our new local pizza joint had a friends/family meal today! Their official opening day is tomorrow, but since we are close with the owners, we got to try it out for free! The pizza is delish.  We also have cinnamon bread, but I was so full that I just brought that home for later.  Yum!  Everyone really seemed to enjoy it.  You can see for yourself below, and, yes, we ate the whole thing!





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