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Dog Day Afternoon

I think Patches was trying to tell us something after he had been playing for a while.  It was something like, “Stop pointing that camera at me and let me take a nap!” Or it could have been, “Couldn’t you have used something softer to build this deck?  A dog can’t get comfy!”



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This is for the birds!

This IS for the birds, but in a good way.  When I was growing up, my grandmother (now and forever known as “Nanny”) always had bird feeders and still does.  We have always enjoyed watching the birds eat and trying to figure out what kind they are.

Last weekend, my husband “C” and I bought a bird feeder and seed at a home improvement store.  At the time, all we had to hang it from was a short shepherd’s hook.  C came home yesterday and found that the birds were enjoying their meal with one of our big orange cats lurking nearby plotting his attack.  Needless to say, the birdfeeder is now hanging much higher.  We may still move it to a better location, but for right now we are enjoying the bird show.



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