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Day Trip

C & I aren’t big travelers, but every once in a while, we will take off for a day trip.  My birthday is around this time, and C asked what I wanted for my birthday.  There really wasn’t anyTHING in particular that I wanted, but there was someplace that I wanted to go. 

I had learned about Cheekwood Botanical Gardens and Museum in Nashville, Tennessee, a couple of years ago and had wanted to go.  Well, we finally went yesterday.  It is in a beautiful area of south Nashville called Belle Meade.  Belle Meade is named after a big plantation of the same name that is located there.  The plantation is also open to the public, but we did not make it there on this trip.

I was not as impressed with the woodland areas of Cheekwood as I was the more manicured gardens near the house itself.  The Japanese gardens and water gardens are worth the $10.00 price of admission.  I think the woodland gardens would have been more colorful in the springtime as opposed to July.  The house on the grounds contains a museum with rotating art exhibits.  Currently, there is an exhibit of Faberge items there.  I know very little about art, so I enjoyed the gardens more.  There are also several art pieces exhibited in the gardens themselves.  They were very interesting!  Here are a few photos to whet your appetite…if you are looking for a day trip and you live close to Nashville, I would recommend checking out Cheekwood, especially if you love gardens.

DSC08314 DSC08319 DSC08358 DSC08411 DSC08463  DSC08078 DSC08036 DSC08074 DSC08130 DSC08303

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