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It’s a bird, it’s a plane…

Oh, wait…it is a BIRD!  About an hour ago, I heard loud squawks outside.  I was still about half asleep and thought I must be dreaming.  C came in and said you have to see this.  Sure enough, there had been squawking and C had found the source. 

A gaggle of Canadian geese had flown low over the house and landed in a freshly seeded field across the road.  Sorry, C’s Dad!  It had just been seeded yesterday! How’s that for timing?


Yesterday afternoon was very productive around here.  C & I put lights and edging in the landscaping in front of the garage.  Only about 13 more lights to go around the porch and down the retaining wall!  C’s dad also leveled out the 3 piles of dirt that we acquired back in the spring.  Thanks again!  It all looks so much better!

 DSC09428  DSC09439

After all this and cooking supper and washing dishes, we called it a night.


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