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Bake and Serve Brownie Pan

I don’t know about you, but when I see an infomercial on tv, I automatically assume that the product is way too good to be true.  Well, I may have to change my tune just a little. 

At C’s paternal grandmother’s Christmas dinner, we played Dirty Santa which is a gift-giving game where everyone draws a number and opens a gift.  If you don’t want to open one, you are allowed to steal someone else’s and then they have to open another one.  My gift was a bake and serve brownie pan.  You know the one that is on tv…you pour the batter in the pan, insert the divider and bake.  Then you have 18 perfectly cut delicious brownies.  Yeah, right.  Actually, they are right.  I tried it today for the first time and it worked like a charm! And, no, they are not paying me to say this!!!

 DSC04963 DSC04964


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