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Weekly Supper Menu

I hope y’all are not tired of reading my weekly menus, because this is working very well!  It is getting easier and easier to stick to the meal plans that I have made.  In fact, this week I did not change one night’s plan!  We did go the grocery on Wednesday evening and stocked up on some essentials that will last for several weeks. Now I should be able to just “accessorize” with perishables that I have to buy weekly.

For this week I have planned:

Sunday: Supper at my Nanny’s-I am on dessert duty and am taking an Italian Cream Cake for my dad.  His birthday is Tuesday.

Monday: Supper at C’s mom and dad’s-Again, I am taking Italian Cream Cake.  I am making it into 2 small square cakes instead of 1 big layer cake.)

Tuesday: Baked ham slices, roasted potatoes, and salad-Oops, I forgot that I had a Relay For Life meeting after work,  so C & I grabbed a quick supper out.

Wednesday: tomato soup & grilled cheese (I need something easy that night. I have court going on all day.)

Thursday: Steak & cheese sandwiches with oven-baked fries

Friday: leftover steak sandwiches

Saturday: I am leaving this day open because I believe we will be going out for supper that night.

Tune in next week for another round of meals!

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