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Weekly Supper Menu

It’s Sunday again, folks, and you know what that means…another menu plan.  Woo hoo!  Here it is:

Sunday & Monday: eat with family-I will probably take a dessert of some kind.  I haven’t been very organized this week.

Tuesday: banana pancakes & bacon-I changed this to baked ham slices, roasted potatoes, and salad.

Wednesday: BBQ meatballs, roasted potatoes & salad

Thursday: Pineapple pork roast, roasted potatoes & salad (We have a lot of lettuce to use!)

Friday: grilled hot dogs & chips-Pizza Night

Saturday: cheesy steak sandwiches & oven baked fries-I didn’t make it to the grocery to get the ingredients that I needed for this, so we had grilled hot dogs and chips tonight.

I would love to hear comments from some of you that plan ahead as well.  It is always interesting to read other people’s recipes and get ideas from them.

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Strawberry Milkshakes

C and I both love strawberries!  I am so glad that we have our own strawberry plants, too.  Right now I am picking a full bowl every other night on just 28 Tribute plants and they are still full of green berries!  I hope to plant more next year so I can have enough to freeze as well. 

The other day, C asked if I could make a strawberry milk shake and I said sure.  I bought the ice cream and searched for a basic recipe online.  I found one that looked good and then tweaked it to suit myself.  I added a lot of extra strawberries, because I really wanted that to be the main flavor and it did not disappoint.  Also, since I used 2% milk and light ice cream, it was not as unhealthy as it could be.  If you used skim milk, it would be even lighter and just as good.  This made two average sized shakes.

1/2 cup milk (I used 2%.)

35 strawberries, hulled and sliced

1 cup vanilla ice cream (I used light.)

1/4 cup sugar (You could get by with less.)


In the container of a blender, combine all ingredients.  Blend until smooth, about 20 seconds.  Pour into a glass and ENJOY!

 DSC06553 DSC06555DSC06560 DSC06559

Let me tell you, I am extremely lactose-intolerant and this was well worth the 2 lactose supplements and anti-acid pill that I had to take to drink it.  If I could, I would have licked the inside of the glass.  It was SO YUMMY!

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Almost-Wordless Wednesday

What a Knock-out!!

DSC06472 DSC06465

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Weekly Supper Menu

Another week has flown by and it is time again for another menu plan.  We have a few after-work trips to make this week so I am not assigning a meal to a certain night.  Here is the list I have decided on for this week:

Tonight and tomorrow, I am taking a frozen peanut butter turtle pie to eat with our families.  I am also planning on making a taco ring, baked ham slices with roasted potatoes and salad (with greens fresh out of my garden), and sausage bake sometime this week.  Pizza might be thrown in the mix, too, if there are some time constraints.

If I get my evenings planned out better, I will update my list, but this is as close as I can get right now.  I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed week!

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Peanut Butter Pancakes

I am always on the look for new and interesting recipes to try.  My E-mail inbox has new cooking newsletters for me almost every day so I should never run out of ideas!  One of the newsletters I subscribe to is from Family Fun magazine, and I really enjoy it.

Their recipes are usually simple and family-friendly for those picky eaters in your life and this pancake recipe more than qualifies.  The peanut buttery taste goes great with syrup or honey as a topping.  I think it would be good to just spread a little grape jelly on them, too, but I did not get a chance to try this!

Note: I made this batch exactly by the recipe, but I think I will add more milk next time, may 1 1/3 cups instead of the called-for amount.  The batter was just a little too thick.

1 cup all purpose flour

2/12 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 cup creamy peanut butter (Chunky would probably be good, too.)

2 tbsp granulated sugar

2 tbsp vegetable oil

1 large egg

1 cup + 2 tbsp milk (needs a little more)


In a large bowl, sift together flour, baking powder, and salt.  Set aside.


In a small bowl, whisk together the peanut butter, sugar, and oil until smooth.  Beat in the egg and then the milk.


Pour the milk mixture into the flour mixture, stirring just until blended.



Next, lightly coat a griddle or skillet with oil and heat it over medium-high heat.  Drop the batter onto the griddle by 1/4 cup measures.  Cook until tiny bubbles appear on the surface, then flip them and cook a few minutes more.  I served these as suggested by the website with warm pancake syrup,sliced bananas, and chopped peanuts..  They were delicious!



Come join the fun at the My Baking Addiction and GoodLife Eats Holiday Recipe Swap sponsored by Le Creuset

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Almost-Wordless Wednesday

This was supposed to be red!!!

DSC06461 DSC06458

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The Flood of 2010

On the first weekend in May, it rained.  Okay, that is a huge understatement.  The truth is that it rained and rained and rained and rained some more.  Our little spot in South-central Kentucky had over 8 inches of rain in 2 1/2 days.  That is way too much!  We were blessed with no damage or utility outage, just the inconvenience of trying to travel to my Nanny’s on that Sunday.

Nanny (and my dad, aunt, and uncle) live in a low-lying area that is prone to dampness anyway.  With that much rain, the creeks and streams swell dramatically and cover the roadways as you can see below.

 102 104113

These are three different roads we can take to get to my family’s farm. Needless to say, we did not make it to visit that day.  My uncle had traveled the road pictured in the bottom photo just a couple of hours before, and the creek had swelled that much.

We live next to a river, but our house is up on the hill above it so flooding is not a major concern of ours.  The destruction to the natural surroundings of the river was extreme.  Full-grown trees were pushed over and stacked like toothpicks.  The river bank that was close to ten feet high was washed away and now looks like a flat little beach. 




It is an awesome thing to see nature at work whether is a new sprout growing or the destruction caused by major weather. It can take your breath away!

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Weekly Supper Menu

I am finally finding a new routine after the major life changes in the last couple of months.  My menu planning had suffered greatly and I missed it.  The pre-planning made cooking and grocery shopping so much easier, so it is time to get back on track.  A couple of nights a week, I am trying to cook dishes that I can share with my dad and relatives to take a little of the load off of them as well. 

Thursdays have turned in to slow-cooker days.  I fill up my slow-cooker at home and take it to work with me.  We finally have a small kitchen in our new building so there is a place to plug in the cooker and let it simmer all day long.  It makes the office smell SO GOOD!  My co-worker teased me last week that she was going to start filming a television cooking show there every Thursday!

Here is this week’s plan:

Sunday: Supper at Nanny’s-I am contributing roasted potatoes and strawberry dessert pizza

Monday: Supper at C’s parents next door-I am contributing strawberry pizza again.

Tuesday: Grilled hot dogs and oven-baked French fries

Wednesday: Homemade sloppy Joes

Thursday: Slow cooker BBQ pork chop meal

Friday: Pizza

Saturday: Tacos

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Chocolate Chip Cookies

There seems to be a lot of “talk” on cooking blogs lately about chocolate chip cookie recipes.  Everyone seems to have their own version and I do as well.  I have used this basic recipe for over 14 years with yummy results.  You can add chopped nuts or different chips to it.  I have used milk, white, or butterscotch chips instead of the usual semi-sweet and they are all good. 

I hope you enjoy this basic recipe and modify it to suit your tastes!

1 cup butter, softened

3/4 cup brown sugar

3/4 cup granulated sugar

1 tsp vanilla

2 eggs

2 3/4 cups all purpose flour

1 bag semi-sweet chocolate chips


Preheat oven to 375 degrees and prepare 2 cookie sheets.  I use two so one can be cooling in between batches while the other is in the oven.  Mix the 2 sugars together with an electric mixer.  Add softened butter and stir until creamy.

 DSC06287 DSC06289DSC06291

Add eggs & vanilla. Add flour one cup at a time and stir until just combined.  Stir in chips and nuts if you are using them.



Drop by heaping teaspoonfuls on to the cookie sheet.  I use a small scoop and it works great.  Bake until lightly browned around the edges, about 10-12 minutes.  These cookies usually don’t spread much but instead make a small mound cookie as you can see in the photo.

 DSC06297 DSC06299


Here is a neat trick I learned many years ago.  To make the cookies last longer, put a piece of bread in the bowl with them.  The cookies will absorb the moisture in the bread and stay softer longer!

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Almost Wordless Wednesday

More of my Nanny’s garden…



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