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Raised Bed Update

Last summer, C helped me build a raised garden bed in our backyard.  I wanted a garden, but really did not have the time to take care of a big one so the raised bed was perfect for me.  I raised lettuce, carrots, sweet peppers, basil, parsley and potatoes last year with really good success.  This year’s plant selection is a little bit of the same and a little bit of new.

Here is a shot of the bed on May 30th:


Here is what it looks like this morning, June 6th:


It is amazing what a difference a week of warm weather and ample rain has made.  I try to use organic gardening methods as much as possible.  No sprays have been used, but I have used a little artificial plant food to give the seedlings a boost. So far, only rainwater has been utilized as well thanks to the 4 rain barrels we have in place. C & I also put a fresh layer of what I like to call “woods dirt” on the top to add composted matter to last year’s soil.  “Woods dirt” is a combination of dirt, rotted leaves and a little composted cow manure mixed in with it.  Luckily, we have a free source right behind our house that makes it very convenient and cheap!  Below are some photos of the things that are growing right now:


Bibb (Limestone) Lettuce-This is so sweet and crunchy.  Love it!


Salad Bowl Lettuce-This has more of a tangy flavor than the Bibb, but it is good as well.  This lettuce will also stand up better to the heat that the Bibb will.


Danvers #125 Carrots-This is the first time I have grown these so I am anxious to try them. 


Red Pontiac Potatoes


Tendergreen (burpless) Cucumbers-These have really shot up in the past week.  I have them running on tomato cages to save space, but I really don’t care if they take over a little as long as I get plenty of tasty cukes!  It won’t be long now.


If you read this blog, you have seen the strawberry bed pictured here in the last few weeks.  We are still getting a few berries every other day off of the original 28 plants.  I am noticing a few runners beginning to form, so I will root a few for new plants.  I also ordered 25 more Tribute plants from Miller Nurseries to expand the bed.  Hopefully, next year there will be enough to eat and freeze.



C & I planted the new 25 bare root plants last Saturday and most already have leaves growing.


I hope to add another raised bed next year so the garden can be expanded even more.  I have even seen corn grown in a raised bed on someone else’s blog and I think I would like to try that, too.  I would love to hear from some readers about their gardening successes.  Do you do raised beds as well?  Leave me a comment and let me know.

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