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Day Trip to the Orchard

I took off work today to spend the day with my aunt, M, and Nanny.  We went to Bowling Green, KY to Jackson’s Orchard.  None of us had ever been there but had always heard good things about it.  It is only about 5 miles out of BG, but it feels like you are worlds away from the city.  If you are looking for fresh produce in the South-central Kentucky area, I highly recommend Jackson’s.  Take a look at what I purchased today…

“Jonathan” apples


“Incredible” sweet corn


Pears-not sure of the variety

DSC00649 DSC00657DSC00658

I can’t wait to try this BBQ sauce on some shredded pork this weekend, and a few of the apples are destined for an Apple Dapple Cake recipe that I found here.

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