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Menu Plan Monday

Happy Labor Day to everyone!  It is hard to believe, but September is in full swing and so are the fall home improvement projects around here.  C & I are in the process of pressure washing the vinyl siding on our house and there seems to be a lot of it!  I doubt that we will get completely finished this long weekend, but we will hopefully make a big dent in it (not literally, of course).

This week promises to be another full week of real work, home work and some fun thrown in for good measure, so without further ado here is this week’s food list:

Cheesy steak sandwiches with oven-baked fries-(makes enough for 2 nights-Yay!)

BBQ meatballs with roasted potatoes

Taco salads

Chocolate trifle-recipe coming soon!

I do have a quick note about last week’s menu.  I did not get to fix the Italian pot-roasted steaks because there was not a round steak in the freezer like I thought there was, so that recipe will have to wait for another week. 

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