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Menu Plan Monday

Here we are again…another Monday and this happens to be the last one in this month which seems incredible.  July has just flown right by!  This week is supposed to be a little more bearable weather-wise around here and I am glad of it.  Last week, south central Kentucky saw temperatures in the high nineties with heat indexes well over 100 degrees and sometimes over 110 degrees.  I know I was very thankful for my office job and air conditioning.

Since this week may be a little cooler, I plan on cooking a little more this week than last week.  I am planning on trying about three or four new recipes this week so stick around for the results.  My in-laws (best ones ever) bought me a countertop ice cream maker for my birthday so I am anxious to try different recipes for that as well.  To show you how thoughtful they are, they also included a vegan ice cream cookbook since I am extremely lactose intolerant.  I can’t wait to try some out and see how they compare to the real deal.

Southern Plate’s Deep Dish Pizza (new)

Ham Biscuits with roasted potatoes & cucumbers (2 nights)

Basic Pancakes with bacon (new)

Salisbury steaks with roasted potatoes

Homemade Fudge Rounds (new)

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