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Thoughtful Thursday

Today is the last travel day for the virtual re-telling of our anniversary vacation.  We stayed the night in West Virginia and started toward Kentucky Friday morning.  Before we got too far, we stopped for brunch at Tudor’s Biscuit World.  Check back next week for a post all about the food we enjoyed on our trip.

This was the first time that I had travelled through West Virginia and it was an eye-opening experience.  The interstate was like a roller coaster.  We would go up, up, up and the go down, down down.  Usually I don’t have any trouble pulling hills with my little SUV even with the cruise control on, but these weren’t just hills.  After one particularly steep incline where I had to take the car out of cruise and creep up the “hill”, there was sign that read Sandstone Mountain.  No wonder my little car was taking its time going up!





We drove through Charleston, WV and caught a glimpse of their capital building.  This is a very industrial area with lots of factories and coal everywhere.


As we were getting closer to Kentucky, we took a very short little side trip.  As you leave West Virginia going into Kentucky, you are right next to the Ohio River and Ohio itself.  Since we were that close, we decided to cross (yet another) bridge and add Ohio to the list of state we went to on this trip, along with Virginia, Tennessee, and West Virginia.




Finally, it was back home to Bluegrass Land!  Well, almost back home.  We still had a four hour drive after we crossed the state line, but we were getting close.  We made it home that evening around four o’clock and were worn out, but it was so worth it.

We are at the end of our virtual trip.  Some of you are probably thinking “FINALLY!”  I will have one more post next week highlighting the restaurants we ate at while we were gone.

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