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Book Beginnings

Every Friday over at A Few More Pages, several blog writers link up to their post about a book they are reading now or have read before.  The writers submit the first few lines of the book and then give their impression of them and the rest of the book if they are finished reading it.  Reading these posts will give you an unique point of view and also shed a little light on books you might not have heard of before.

My post today is about “Child Of The Mountain” by Marjorie E. Default.  I found this book while browsing my local library and was first intrigued by the title itself.  The author was new to me, but I am glad that I gave it a chance.  It lists as a mystery, and it is, but it also has also a little romance and small town life mixed in as well.  “Child Of The Mountain” is an entertaining and fairly quick read.  Here is the first line:

“If it was possible to be a cynic at the age of six, then Carl Bartnik was a six-year-old cynic.”

When I read the description on the book cover and then read the first line, they really didn’t match up at all, but I thought the first line was interesting enough to keep going.  Carl ends up being an important person in the book even though he isn’t a main character at all. 

If you are looking for a new author to read, try Ms. Default’s book.  I hope you enjoy it!

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