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Today’s thoughts are a continuation of the last post about C & my weekend trip to Nashville.  Let’s see…we covered our reason for going (to see the awesome Broadway show, Wicked) and we covered the local restaurant we tried and LOVED, 417 Union.  Today, I wanted to show you some of the local “flavor” of Nash-vegas, the nightlife!

On our way to the show, we drove down Broadway in search of dinner.  We had allowed ourselves 2 hours to eat before showtime, but it wasn’t enough.  I guess I just wasn’t thinking clearly…downtown Nashville + beautiful autumn Saturday night = HUGE CROWDS!  The restaurant we had planned on going to called The Big River Grille had lines down the street and most of the other eateries had the same kind of crowds.  We ended up grabbing a snack at TPAC’s café before the show instead.  It was a giant brownie and a bottle of water.  It was good and I am glad of it since that was our dinner.  The photos below show some of the early evening scenes on Broadway.




When Wicked was over, we made our way back to Broadway heading to our hotel.  It was around 11:00pm and it was a different scene then.  The nightlife crowd was out and about and people were cruising the streets looking for fun or, like us, cruising the streets just to see what we could see!





The next morning we made our way to the Opryland Hotel.  Now, if you have never been there and you are ever in Nashville, it is a must-see!  C & I stayed there on our honeymoon with a garden view room which has a little balcony attached.  It was beautiful.  The hotel suffered major damage last year due to flooding and re-opened last Thanksgiving weekend.  I wanted to go see if there were a lot of changes.  There really wasn’t.  The builders just restored it back to its previous opulence, but most of the gardens still looked the same.  Still beautiful, and still well worth the time to go through them.






We really enjoyed our weekend and can’t wait to go back!

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