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Book Beginnings

Welcome to another edition of Book Beginnings hosted at A Few More Pages.  Join me and other bloggers as we discuss books we have read or are planning to read by listing the first few lines of a book and our impressions of these.

Today I am sharing the first line from Janet Evanovich’s “Smokin’ Seventeen”:

My Grandma Mazur called early this morning.  "I had a dream," Grandma said.  "There was this big horse, and it could fly.  It didn’t have wings.  It just could fly."

This sounds like an odd first line, doesn’t it?  For those of you who have read these books, you will know that Grandma Mazur is always coming off with something off the wall.  I have read all of the Stephanie Plum series and they are always entertaining.  This is not upscale literature, mind you, but it is wild and crazy fun!

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