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Please join me and other bloggers at Rose City Reader for Book Beginnings where we list a book we are reading/have read/want to read and the first couple of lines.  Then we will give you our opinion on said book. 

This week, my beginning lines come from “The Recipe Club” by Andrea Israel & Nancy Garfinkel.  I received this book as a Christmas present so I had never heard of it before then.  It was good and a pretty easy read.  The neat thing about this book is that is contains the recipes that the two main characters talk about throughout their letters to each other as the only members of their “recipe club”. 

"Dear Lilly,

I’ve started a letter just like this about a thousand times.  "Dear Lilly," I’d write, as if I knew what came next.  But that was as far as I got.  I never knew what to say or how to say it.  And I wasn’t sure you’d ever want to hear my voice again."

Many letters ensue after this one and you will get to know all about the characters past and present.

I also want to thank Rose City Reader for a book giveaway she hosted a couple of weeks ago.  I won!!  Now I have a nice shiny new copy of “Even If I Am. an e-memoir” by Chasity Glass to read.  As soon as I finish the book I am reading now, it is next on my list.  Thanks again, Rose City Reader and Chasity Glass!

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