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What does menu planning mean to you?  For me, it means knowing in the back of my mind that I know what I am making for supper when I get home from work and that I have the ingredients to do it.  The time it takes to sit down and make out a weekly or monthly plan is so worth it for the peace of mind and stress reduction that I get out of it. 

Most of the time, I can also plan for lunches this way, too.  Since I am usually cooking for just C & I, a lot of the main dishes will produce enough leftovers for at least one lunch.  This saves us from running to the local fast food joint and, over time, saves us time, money and calories.  I highly recommend it!

That’s not to say my plans never change because it happens a lot.  I just save the meals that don’t get made for another time.  This week is a pretty easy week with one new main dish and one new dessert.  I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed week. Happy menu planning!

Salsa sloppy Joes (new) with oven fries

Baked ham slices with butter roasted potatoes

Taco ring (2 nights)

Pizza night

Basic meatloaf with curly fries

White chocolate raspberry cake (new)

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