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Please join me at Rose City Reader for Book Beginnings.  Grab a book, jot down the first line or two and give us your impression.  I really enjoy finding new authors and books this way because everyone has such different tastes!

The book I have today is “Pieces of The Heart” by Karen White.  I recently read Ms. White’s book “On Folly Beach” and loved it so I went looking for more of her work.  Luckily, my local library had several of Ms. White’s books so I picked this one.  Here are the first couple of sentences:

“Caroline sat and watched the small rock drop from her hand and into the dark, still water of Lake Ophelia, breaking the surface with a small plop.  The ripples eddied out in tiny circles, gradually spreading into great gaping spheres of silent water, reaching out toward the depths of the lake until she couldn’t see them anymore.”

I have to say that the author can definitely set the scene.  I can just see the small waves in the water of the lake and almost feel the lake breeze, too.  So far this is a good book, maybe not quite as good as “On Folly Beach”, but still enjoyable.

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