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Welcome to my book corner!  I am linking up today over at Rose City Reader for her link party, Book Beginnings.  Join us by choosing a book you are reading, have read, or want to read and give us the first line or two.  Then let us know what your thoughts are on it.  It’s that easy!

My book today is “The Expected One” by Kathleen McGowan.  It is the first book in a trilogy and if the other two are as good as this one, I know I will be very entertained!

“There wasn’t much time left.  The old woman tugged the tattered shawl around her shoulders.”

These lines really make you wonder what the “old woman” was experiencing and why time was running out.  It also makes you wonder who this “old woman” is and why is she important?  It turns out that she is a very famous historical figure and, depending on whose theory you are listening to at the time, was a bad, sinful person or a good, but totally misunderstood, one. 

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