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Hi, everyone!  It is so nice to be back in my little blogging world after having to be away for a while.  Thankfully, I had several recipes and book posts pre-scheduled or this space would have gone completely silent.  For those of you who have not had a chance to read my previous Thoughtful Thursday post, my dad had a very serious car accident on October 22 and was in ICU for almost five weeks.  To say our lives turned upside down would be a gross understatement!

After about 3 weeks in rehab, Dad is now home and able to take care of most of his needs.  We have witnessed a miracle in his healing.  To go from where he was right after the accident to where he is now in a relatively short time is astounding.  God’s blessings have just poured over us in never ending waves since this all began.  Every time I went to Him in need, He was there.  Small needs, big needs…it did not matter because He is more than able to take care of everything in our lives.

I can’t imagine how I would have gotten by during this time without God and Jesus in my life.  If you don’t know Him, please seek him out NOW with all your heart.  I know there are bad things happening all over the world, but that’s not God.  That is the devil and the ability to make decisions that God gave us.  He gave us the opportunity to choose him or not; to make good decisions or bad.  It is called free will, and if we follow His voice in our lives and make good choices, good things will happen to us. 

Believe me, I am not saying that we won’t have hard times.  Far from it as my recent past has shown me, but He will lead you through it and give you the strength to deal with whatever “real life” sends your way.

I’m no preacher by any means and I am really shy about speaking out in my everyday life, but this little spot on the world wide web gives me the confidence and freedom to shout to the world how much I love God and Jesus.  Seek Him, find Him, and ask Him into your heart.  You just can’t imagine the peace and love that will fill you.

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