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My husband, C, LOVES sour candy.  I mean it…he really, really loves anything sour.  Jolly Ranchers, Sourpatch, Swedish Fish, Lemonheads-the more sour the candy is, the more he likes it!  The other day, he mentioned that he would like me to try to make some homemade sour candy and I plan on trying that sometime soon, but I remembered this little recipe I found on Pinterest and showed it to him to see if he wanted me to try it.  He said go for it so I did.  This is so quick and easy that it is hardly even a recipe, but C really like them so I will probably being making them again in the near future.  Thanks, Sweet Treats & More, for this little sweet and sour treat.

Sourpatch Grapes

1 bag of green grapes

1 small box of lime gelatin


Wash the grapes and leave them slightly damp.  Put the grapes into a gallon zip top bag and pour the gelatin powder into the bag as well.  Close the bag and shake, shake, shake.  Chill for a few hours and enjoy!


Sourpatch Grapes

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