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I need to sing the blues a little bit today.  C & I were on vacation last week and today is our first day back at work.  Don’t get me wrong, I really like my job and I know I am blessed to have it.  We just got REALLY spoiled to not having an alarm go off in the morning and I got REALLY spoiled with not having to get ready every morning.  C might prefer that I am going back so I will fix my hair and put a little makeup on.  I can tell that did not happen much this last week and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

We did get a few chores accomplished while we were off.  Personally, I did a little freezer cooking, a lot of ironing, cleaned up the garden beds and emptied my flower pots.  C washed a lot of our vinyl siding, mowed our yard and his parent’s yard and weedeated everything!  We still have a few more little jobs to finish up but we made quite a bit of progress in just a few days.  Oh, we did manage to sneak in a little extra rest as well.  I DID say we were getting spoiled to being home.  We would make great hermits if there are any job openings for those!!

At first I said that I wasn’t going to cook at all while I was off, but that didn’t last long.  It was actually a pleasure since I could do it when I wanted and had time to keep things fairly clean as I went.  It was really, really nice.  This week is pretty simple so there probably won’t be anything new this time.  C & I still want to try to finish up a few little projects.

Bubble up pizza with fresh fruit

Grilled pork chops with oven fries & salad

Baked ham slices with baked potatoes

Tacos with salad

Pizza night

Basic meatloaf with curly fries & salad

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