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Wow, the weeks are rolling by so fast, but we are also getting so much accomplished outside.  Our little garden is planted and growing well and I even have my flower pots filled with all kinds of blooming pretties.  Hopefully, there will be a few more odds and ends accomplished this week, like mulching and trimming.  I just love this time of year even if I am worn completely out. It is a good kind of tired.

This week’s menu contains a couple of new recipes that I hope to have time to try and the rest of the week is good old favorites.  I hope the weather is as nice where you are as it is supposed to be here.  Get out and enjoy!

Enchilada beef dip with chips and salad

Grilled hot dogs with chips

Sausage bake with salad

Italian burgers (new) with oven baked fries

Honey orange pork tenderloin (new) with assorted sides

Pizza night

Please join me over at I’m An Organizing Junkie for so many other awesome menu plans.

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