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New Addition

It seems that we are need of congratulations.  We have a new farm baby that we did not know was coming.  Mama Cat is living up to her name in word and deed!  C & I found a fuzzy little surprise this morning when we went out on the deck.  It is alert, active and not afraid of much of anything. 

It would come up to us and try to climb our shoes, follow us around the deck and watch our every move.  Mama Cat didn’t seem to care what it did, but she stayed very close by.  Later on this afternoon, we caught them “cat-napping”.  For some reason, Mama C decided that my new flower pot with the freshly planted coleus plants seemed to be the perfect bedroom!  I was not pleased but the plant did not seem any the worse for wear.  Oh, well.  It looks like we now have a Baby-Cat to go with Mama-Cat.


DSC05823 DSC05829cats & flowercat in flower pot

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