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They grow up so fast!

It was just yesterday (ok, last week) that our wee kitten was nursing it’s mother.  Now it’s a big cat munching on cat food!  We fed Mama-C this afternoon and after she ate her fill and wandered away, I heard crunch, crunch, crunch.  I was surprised to see the little one eating away at the leftovers.  Baby-C didn’t want to share either.  When I would get close, the hair on it’s back would rise.  When Patches got closer, it started hissing and spitting. 


There has been an beautiful bluebird coming to our birdfeeder.  It is not a typical Eastern Bluebird that I was used to so I had to get a photo.  My zoom is not quite far-reaching enough, so I had to stake out a spot on the ground close to the feeder and wait!  My not-so-good patience was rewarded with this photo.


I did a little research and found that it is an Indigo Bunting!  The blue color of this bird is amazing.  It is as blue as the goldfinches are yellow,…


And the cardinals are red.


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