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Raised Bed Success

I am so happy with the progress in our raised garden bed.  The potatoes are growing like crazy.  I am putting extra dirt and compost around them every few days and there are still new plants sprouting.  The cucumber plants have blooms and baby cucumbers on them, and the sweet pepper plants are starting to bud.  The herbs are growing as well as the lettuce.  Our strawberries are doing great, too.  Even though they are small, they are still getting ready to bloom!  We do have a very sad note to add to this, Baby-Cat is no longer with us.  Tuesday evening, we found her under the bay window and she was so weak she wouldn’t respond at all.  We started feeding her with a dropper and took her into the utility room for safety.  She lived until Thursday morning when she died in C’s arms while he was trying to feed her.  We have been so sad in losing Baby-C.  She was only here for a short time, but we loved her very much.  She didn’t look sick at all, so we think that a male cat may have tried to hurt her to get to her mother.  Godspeed, Baby-C! We will miss you!




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