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Garden Update

It is now the first of June!  This year is really flying by.  I wanted everyone to see the progress of our little garden project.  The first photo shows the overall bed, and, my, how it has grown.  I have already harvested several heads of lettuce, and the cucumbers are not far behind.  They are loaded down with blooms and baby cucumbers.  I do have a bare spot where the carrots were supposed to be.  New planted carrot seeds + hard heavy rains = NO CARROTS!  The seeds washed away.  I have now resown them, so hopefully we will see evidence soon.  The cucumbers are climbing the tomato cages well, as you can see in the second photo.  I can’t wait for this certain cucumber salad recipe that I have.  I will have 2 of the ingredients freshly grown in my garden, the cukes and the dill.  I will pass along that recipe when I have the good stuff ready.


  DSC06268 DSC06287

Above are the potato plants.  We have added dirt, or “hilled”, them several times.  The foliage is beautiful, and so far we have had no problems with bugs, despite absolutely no spraying.  Most of the strawberry plants are blooming now even though they are still small.  I love to watch things grow and know that my food is safe and delicious to eat!

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I’m still here!

Sorry it has been slow blogging the last couple of weeks.  C & I have been having major allergy issues and have been really busy.  I promise to get back on the wagon very very soon!

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